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Our goal is to provide high quality rental properties for our community & places our tenants are proud to call home...

Dasa Porperites was founded by husband and wife team, Dane and Samantha Buttenaar. Our journey into real estate investing began in 2017 with the purchase of our first rental home. Renovating the property into a beautiful tri-plex rental and welcoming 3 new tenants into their new home, instantly had us hooked. Renovating and developing properties into a home tenants are ecstatic to live in, is a highly rewarding experience.

As our community began to rapidly expand and the need for rental properties continued to rise, we wanted to fill that need in our community. We are proud to offer high-end, quality homes, whether temporary or long-term, to our community. Rental units are often seen as a "this will do" type of accommodation - but at Dasa Properties we strive to provide homes people want to live in and are excited to call their new home!

Our investment in, and commitment to, our community and our tenants, creates a beautiful relationship in the town we are proud to call home.

Not just another rental!


Meet The Owners

Dane Headshot.jpg
Dane Buttenaar

Dane is an intuitive investor with exceptional vision for the next great opportunity. Dane uses his keen knowledge of real-estate and our community's market, to find and create our next project. Dane's background in construction and project management created a seamless transition into real-estate development and general contracting. His leadership, organization and deterministic forward planning has propelled Dasa Properties to quickly flourish and become one of the leading real-estate investment companies in our community.

Samantha Headshot.jpg
Samantha Buttenaar

Samantha is an avid administrator with a keen eye for design. Her extreme attention to detail is expressed in the developmental design of each project and is embodied in beautifying our community. Not only is Samantha passionate about matching tenants with their perfect home, but also for maintaining that throughout their tenancy. Samantha's background in customer service and meticulous organization and efficiency, culminates in Dasa Properties' excellent property management, maintaining our valued reputation in our community.

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